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Regular Tournaments

Casual Commander - Every Night past 6! Our biggest scene
One Piece - Thursday + Saturday Nights, 7PM


Pokemon - Friday Nights, 7PM 
$5 Entry


Shadowverse - Friday Nights, 5PM


Yugioh - Saturday Nights, 6PM


Challenge Tournaments

DND Challenge

Various challenge events, such as "Heroic Last Stand" where your group creates characters and tries to cut through as many illithids as possible before you all go down.

*More rules announced later

Last Team Standing

A Brutal DND Survival where random events(All listed nearby for people to see) are rolled at the end of every second round. Select a pre-generated character and see how long your team of two can hold out. 


These realms could use a little more war. The store will supply  Ork Teams for a War Cry tournament where mirrored teams battle against one another for the glory of victory.


Thanks for submitting!

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