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Store-Wide Dungeons and Dragons

What it is

Any Dungeons and Dragons events hosted by Humble Hero Games staff will be in a shared universe where you may feel the impact of what players before you have done, and your progress is saved between sessions. This universe is an expanded Faerun, taking place in the lands of Kamurocho in the capital port city of Niikap, a melting pot of countless races and cultures. 

Your characters all share one thing in common. You're all adventurers of some small skill completing quests or contracts for the "Monster Hunter's Guild" in town. Though the name implies slaying ferocious beasts, more often than not the tasks will vary quite a lot from just slaying monsters threatening the town, as the Monster Hunter's guild has become the place that many of the townsfolk contract to "get things done." Different contracts will be posted each week. It's up to you to decide which quest you accept, and to solve the mysteries surrounding the mysterious new happenings in Kamurocho that cause talented adventuring parties to go missing every week.

"There are many dangers in this land, but the rewards and glory outweigh the risks!"

Unnamed Adventurer(Expected deceased) - 478 A.A.

How it works

Players will be walked through(if necessary) standard character creation for a 5th edition level 1 character. Content from any book may be used, but homebrew is not allowed to begin. DND Books will be provided for use and reference during these sessions.

Store visitors can make a character at any time with a staff member at store, and bring their character to any of the DND sessions posted about on this website, in the store, or on the facebook page by a Humble Hero Games staffer. 

Roleplay is encouraged in all sessions, but we'll have limited events each month for people uncomfortable with roleplay to get adjusted to the gameplay.

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